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masks in theatre
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Masks are back in theatres in the US

Broadway show in New York becomes the first threatre to run mask-only nights. This shows the pandemic and the fear of the pandemic is not over. When will tehy be asking for a lateral flow test results before entry? While this move is particalarly notable as t…

strong immune response for common cold helps with immunity
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Common cold immunity helped with Covid 19

Immunity for the common cold coronaviruses may ward off severe covid-19. According to a laboratory experiment a strong T-cell response against the coronaviruses including the ones that cause the common cold-like symptoms was linked to greater covid-19 immunit…

how green are lateral flow tests
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How green are lateral flow tests

How Green are Lateral Flow Tests? I think the answer is. no. Both in the production and deployment of most of them. Of course there maybe ones that have green credentials. We have not found one yet. Of all the plastics out of the NHS deployed lateral flow tes…

Lateral Flow tests Senzo
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At home testing Senzo releases a new lateral flow test

While we have seen new ways of using lateral flow tests. This light weight, low cost device is clearly a tool that can be deployed in other testing theatres . Biotech firm Senzo has just raised a $2 million round at a $20 million pre-money valuation. With th…

Sniffer dogs and Covid provide protection
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Sniffer dogs and covid 19 detection

Could sniffer dogs at public events provide us with another level of bio secruity along with lateral flow tests and PCR tests. According to a sniffer dog covid 19 trail. A study by the BMJ International believe there is good merit in deploying sniffer dogs. W…

Lateral flow tests NHS cover
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Summer 2022 covid peak begins to wane

Covid-19 summer 2022 spread have fallen in England, Wales and Scotland. Brought on by super spreader events such as the jubilee along with new variants. the latest wave of the quite transmissible BA.5 coronavirus variant, is according to the data beginning to…

SOP for lateral flow tests in the work place
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standard operating procedure framework for lateral flow tests

Here is a guide of standard operating procedure framework for companies and organisations in deploying lateral flow tests. his piece is taken from the UK Gov website on guidance to use lateral flow tests. Published in July 2022. Flinical guidance for workpla…

SOP for lateral flow tests in the work place
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where to get the cheap lateral flow tests

The key to a pandemic is getting tests out quickly. While there is a lot of mis infomation out there. One thing people want to know is where to get the cheapest. We hae done a quick guide on how to get hold of cheap lateral flow tests. Rather than just where …

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Where to buy lateral flow tests

As the rise of Covid washes through the UK population, lateral flow tests are critical in our fight to stay safe. All on street pharmacies provide lateral flow tests at varying degrees of price inc…

Covid lateral flow tests UK infection
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rapid rise of covid 19

Covid infections jump by half a million in UK, says ONS Covid infections are rising again across the UK. the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show. Over 2.3 million people or one in 30 has the virus according to ONS - a rise of 32%…