Lateral Flow Tests

At home testing Senzo releases a new lateral flow test

July 29, 2022

lateral Flow Tests

While we have seen new ways of using lateral flow tests. This light weight, low cost device is clearly a tool that can be deployed in other testing theatres .

Biotech firm Senzo has just raised a $2 million round at a $20 million pre-money valuation. With the aim to further extend options for lateral flow diagnostics.

The type of testing you’ve seen from at-home pregnancy or COVID-19 tests.

The company Senzo is creating a product it calls Amplified Lateral Flow test. (ALF).

Lateral Flow tests Senzo it’s hoping to bring a COVID-19 rapid test through regulatory approval along with a plethora of other tests quickly

The innovation of these lateral flow tests is in the “amplified” part of the ALF — With promising results from a third-party study demonstrating that its amplified COVID-19 antigen test was 100% accurate in concordance with PCR testing. Even with v. low viral loads.

“Our vision at Senzo is clear: to make the diagnosis of disease as fast, simple, inexpensive, and accurate as taking a temperature or blood pressure reading,” Jeremy Stackawitz, CEO of Senzo told TechCrunch, a tech blog.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the potential for accurate point-of-care diagnostics. Our ALF technology converts that potential to reality in myriad applications where more and earlier diagnosis results in better patient outcomes and more timely and cost-effective patient care.”

Senzo is also working on lateral flow tests for at-home and professional use for other diseases. As we have discussed before on this blog. Lateral flow tests are more than covid 19. The company suggests that a wide variety of infections as we beleive here at Lateral Flow Tests — include but not excluse to: influenza, HIV, tuberculosis, strep, hepatitis C, sexually transmitted infections and many viruses — are alll candidates for at-home lateral flow tests. The $2 million equity funding round led by BioAdvance. Wellness Coaches participated in the round. The company says it raised at a $20 million pre-money valuation and points out that that was a huge step up from its Q1 2021 fundraising valuation.