Lateral Flow Tests

Should lateral flow tests be free again

June 29, 2022

lateral Flow Tests

Should free lateral flow tests be made available for UK users?

There are calls for free Covid tests amid concerns about a new wave of the virus which is moving across the UK.

Covid 19 has been steadily rising over the last month, with the seven day average giving many cause for concern. There was a rise after the Jubilee weekend.

People have suggested that it would be a good idea to make lateral flow tests free once again.

As discussed before lateral flow tests are still free for some people. While Wales kept free lateral flow tests until the end of July. We predict this will be extended.

Certain people meeting the right criteria to qualify for a free test.

There is an arguement that this strategy isn't comprehensive enough. While it would seem premature to label the current situation as another Covid 19 crisis, it is obvious why some may feel that free Lateral flow tests for all may be the best way foward.

Where are we now:

No legal requirement to isolate even if you do test positive for the Covid 19. The guidelines still advise to avoid close contact with others if you do test positive.

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While hospital and at risk patients continue to be sent free home testing lateral flow tests. home delivered NHS Lateral flow tests