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Who is behind lateral flow tests

August 14, 2022

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Who is behind Lateral Flow Tests site?

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lateral flow tests for a range of pathagons is one of the greatest public health solutions in a generation. Which could not have been more illistrated by the fast role out and delivery of lateral flow tests across the country when covid 19 continued to sweep across the country.

One of the few positive developments of the pandemic was the rise of inhome independant testing against this high infectious viral disease of Covid 19.

The use of lateral flow tests to stem to spread of covid meant it is hard to find anyone over the age of 5 who hasnt used a lateral flow test.

At home testing means we have schooled generations of people to use this low cost form of testing. Especially lateral flow tests as a tool to go about every day life in a safe manner.

The lateral flow testing platform can be used across the pathogens. Well known uses of lateral flow tests are the pregnancy tests along with the viral covid tests. While bacterial infection tests have been developed along with more viral pathogens, including the new monkey pox.

The low cost, light weight testing can easily deployed piece of technology is a platform for a heathlier and happier population.

This website aims to promote and discuss how lateral flow tests are being used across the their use cases.

Along with following the orginal and still ongoing Covid 19 pandemic and the innovation to reduce the spread.