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lateral flow tests pausing
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Routine Covid testing including lateral flow tests are paused

NHS and care homes in England are due to pause routine Covid testing including lateral flow tests. Most hospital patients and care home residents in England will no longer be tested for Covid including using lateral flow tests unless they have symptoms, the g…

masks in theatre
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Masks are back in theatres in the US

Broadway show in New York becomes the first threatre to run mask-only nights. This shows the pandemic and the fear of the pandemic is not over. When will tehy be asking for a lateral flow test results before entry? While this move is particalarly notable as t…

SOP for lateral flow tests in the work place
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standard operating procedure framework for lateral flow tests

Here is a guide of standard operating procedure framework for companies and organisations in deploying lateral flow tests. his piece is taken from the UK Gov website on guidance to use lateral flow tests. Published in July 2022. Flinical guidance for workpla…

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Mandatory validation for lateral flow tests

Why the UK has mandatory requirements for testing. The government has considered the comparable benefits of a voluntary validation policy for tests. Inclduing lateral flow tests. compared to one that is mandatory. There is a clear dependency in the government…